Larry Hayashi

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We reviewed the cases of forty-six children who were less than fifteen years old and in whom total, subtotal, or partial arthroscopic meniscectomy was performed for symptomatic discoid lateral meniscus in fifty-three knees. The average length of follow-up was 31.2 months. A meniscal tear was evident in each knee. The extent of the meniscectomy depended on(More)
The range of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) concentration was determined in a young healthy population based on bone metabolism parameters and environmental and behavioral aspects. We studied 121 healthy young volunteers (49 men, 72 women) living in São Paulo (23 masculine 34' south latitude) belonging to three occupational categories: indoor workers (N = 28),(More)
One of the tasks language documenters face is that of assigning glosses to function morphemes, including affixes. These glosses are typically used in marking up interlinear text at a morpheme level. But without a morphological parser, marking up interlinear text is tedious and error-prone. Ideally, a parser will be guided not only by the form and(More)
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