Larry F. Bennett

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This study explores the existence and predictive ability of a behavior-based typology of men who were adjudicated for a domestic violence crime in an urban criminal justice system. Data from 671 men who completed a 2-hour biopsychosocial assessment were analyzed using cluster analysis. Findings indicate a typology of low level criminality (25.6%), dysphoric(More)
Batterer intervention programs (BIPs) are designed for men arrested for domestic violence and for men who would be arrested if their actions were public. These programs usually consist of educational classes or treatment groups, but may include other intervention elements such as extensive evaluation, individual counseling, or case management. Because 80%(More)
Using a risk and resilience perspective, the authors assessed urban adolescent mothers' exposure to community, family, and partner violence and analyzed the relationships between cumulative violence exposure and multiple school outcomes, within the context of welfare reforms. Positive attitude toward school and social support were examined as moderators of(More)
This paper is an ecological study of services provided to 392 battered women under a comprehensive domestic violence protocol. It focuses on microsystemic interactions between battered women and battered women's services and legal systems. We examine the relationships between women's receipt of services from a battered women's agency, receipt of protective(More)
T-EDIT is a powerful collection of editing macros designed specifically for TEX. The macros are designed to be used with the KEDIT editor on IBM PC or PC-compatible computers. The user is aided in every step of the preparation of a completed document. Menus or prompting messages are included with many of the macros. Over 1250 TEX and AMS-TEX control(More)
Axial symmetry in x-ray radiation of wire-array z pinches is important for the creation of dynamic hohlraums used to compress inertial-confinement-fusion capsules. We present the first evidence that this symmetry is directly correlated with the magnitude of the negative radial electric field along the wire surface. This field (in turn) is inferred to(More)