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This paper provides a methodical experimental evaluation of the 802.11a and 802.11b protocols, presenting an unbiased and independent performance review in a given office environment. Specifically, the bandwidths of the two protocols are compared as a function of distance between the wireless laptops and their access point (AP). In addition, the effects on(More)
Although aggression research in general has been hampered by a lack of objective measurements of aggressive acts, two types of aggressive acts, impulsive vs. premeditated, have been studied extensively in recent years. These two types of aggression have been primarily measured by structured or semi-structured interviews. The current study was designed to(More)
For service providers of multi-tiered component-based applications , such as web portals, assuring high performance and availability to their customers without impacting revenue requires effective and careful capacity planning that aims at minimizing the number of resources, and utilizing them efficiently while simultaneously supporting a large customer(More)
Today's massively parallel machines are typically message passing systems consisting of hundreds or thousands of processors. Implementing parallel applications efficiently in this environment is a challenging task. The Performance Prediction Tool (PerPreT) presented in this paper is useful for system designers and application developers. The system(More)
In this paper, the design of a simulation model for evaluating two alternative supercomputer configurations in an academic environment is presented. The workload is analyzed and modeled, and its effect on the relative performance of both systems is studied. The Integrated Capacity Planning Environment (ICPE) toolkit, developed for commodity cluster capacity(More)
Since Martin and Sides (Asha, 1985, 27, 29-36) found that only 6% of audiologists reported actually following current ASHA guidelines for SRT testing (Asha, 1979, 21, 353-356), a comparison was made on 36 normal-hearing adults of spondee thresholds (ST) collected following strictly those guidelines (ST1) and by an experimental procedure based on the ASHA(More)
The transportation sector worldwide is significantly stressed due to the inability of the infrastructure to meet the demands of ever increasing traffic volumes. Traffic congestion problems continue to worsen, leading to substantial adverse economic and environmental impact. Increased volume and hazardous weather/road conditions lead to an increasing number(More)
To my parents and anyone who has been part of my life ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in my life, no matter whether it was when I was still a child or during my graduate study. I would not be who I am without help from all of you. I would like to especially thank my parents. I could not make it without their(More)
Dissertation under the direction of Professor Yuan Xue Wireless Mesh Networks have proven immensely valuable in extending the reach, speed of deployment and flexibility of networks. Routing in wireless mesh networks is complicated by channel interference, multi-hop pathways and the highly unpredictable nature of traffic demands, due to mobile clients and(More)
Over 12 years of experience in distributed system software development, design and analysis. Research Interests • QoS guarantees in component based multi-tiered distributed applications. • Resource aware deployment of large scale distributed applications in Cloud Computing and Virtualized Environments. • Modeling and Simulations of systems. Thesis focuses(More)