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Specific aptamer inhibitors of the human complement C5 component were produced by the SELEX methodology of directed evolution of nucleic acid ligands. The SELEX procedure started with a pool of random-sequence, 2'F-pyrimidine-modified nuclease-stabilized RNA, and after twelve rounds of iterative C5 binding and nucleic acid amplification an evolved RNA pool(More)
Messenger RNA extracted from Carica papaya fruit was converted to cDNA and cloned into the PstI restriction site of plasmid pBR322. Subclones of the approximately 1.4-kb fragment were sequenced. The nucleotide sequence matched that expected, based on the amino acid (aa) sequence for papain, with the following exceptions: at aa positions 47, 118 and 135 the(More)
Lurtotecan is a clinically active water-soluble camptothecin analogue that has been formulated into a low-clearance unilamellar liposome, NX 211. Comparative studies between free drug and NX 211 have been performed assessing pharmacokinetics in nude mice, tissue distribution in tumor-bearing mice, and antitumor efficacy in xenografts. Compared with(More)
Prolonging tumor exposure to topoisomerase I inhibitors has been correlated to enhance the efficacy of those agents. Lurtotecan, a water-soluble camptothecin analog, was formulated as a liposomal drug, NX211, to enhance the delivery of drug to tumors. Tumor-bearing mice were treated with either [14C]NX211 containing [14C]lurtotecan, [3H]NX211 containing(More)
4'-Thio-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine (OSI-7836) is a nucleoside analogue with structural similarity to gemcitabine and cytarabine (ara-C). Myelosuppression, reversible transaminase elevations, and flu-like symptoms are common side effects associated with human use of gemcitabine and ara-C. Fatigue is also associated with the use of gemcitabine and(More)
The device described permits the rapid and efficient processing of large numbers of filter hybridizations while virtually eliminating exposure to radioactive emission from the labeled probe. The filters are annealed and washed without being transferred from the holder. Throughout the process, the Plexiglas composition of the device absorbs the beta(More)
Cytochrome P450 can catalyze a wide array of remarkable oxidations, including O-dealkylations, which are performed via oxidation of the alpha-carbon of the ether. When C-H bonds are replaced with C-F bonds, however, the bond strength is much greater, and it significantly deters oxidation at the carbon. Another recently elucidated reaction catalyzed by P450,(More)
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