Larry D. Rubin

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The relative lack of research on movement therapy in inpatient versus outpatient settings stems from the difficulty of conducting an interpretable study in clinical situations where multiple treatments exist. To control for the multiple treatment confound, this study used a randomized single-case experimental design with 12 replications. Results indicated(More)
An overview is given of Q+, an interactive tool for performance modeling that uses graphical input and visual output. Two major enhancements are a subnetwork capability for structuring models hierarchically and an integrated expression capability. New capabilities are custom icons and temporal browsing. With a Q+ icon palette, users can draw their own icons(More)
A neural network memory is described that can be used as a short-term memory, i.e. it incorporates a forgetting mechanism that ensures that recently stored words are remembered even after a large number of words have been stored. Its operation is decentralized in that the update of the synaptic matrix rows can be carried out independently and in parallel by(More)
The problem of determining the orientation of printed text is considered. The problem differs considerably from traditional optical character recognition, and its application to automatic inspection requires efficient processing and highly accurate results. Two methods are described. The first is a feedforward network, with structure and parameters derived(More)