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Revisions to DSM-III cite apprehensive expectation or 'worry' as a defining feature of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The quality and focus of worry reported by groups of GAD patients (n = 19), and nonanxious 'controls' (n = 26) were examined using self-monitored data. Content categorizations by independent raters showed that GAD patients worried more(More)
Due to the technology available, most previous work in teleoperated robotics used relatively low-resolution video links and provided limited perceptual feedback to the teleoperator. In most cases, these projects reported only limited teleoperator success compared to vehicles with human drivers on-board. We set out to build a high-fidelity teleoperation(More)
This paper proposes a new method, that we call Visu-alBackProp, for visualizing which sets of pixels of the input image contribute most to the predictions made by the convo-lutional neural network (CNN). The method heavily hinges on exploring the intuition that the feature maps contain less and less irrelevant information to the prediction decision when(More)
  • Y Lecun, L Jackel, L Bottou, A Brunot, C Cartes, J Denker +17 others
  • 1995
This paper compares the performance of several classifier algorithms on a standard database of handwritten digits. We consider not only raw accuracy, but also rejection, training time, recognition time, and memory requirements.
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