Larry Breed

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This article examines coverage of alcohol-related topics in local newspapers as applied to a conceptual model of media advocacy being tested in a five-component community trial to reduce alcohol-involved injuries. Based on a literature review of determinants of exposure of newspaper articles, it uses a composite measure that takes into account the(More)
APL/1130 was implemented overnight in the autumn of 1967, but it took years of effort to make that possible. In 1965, Ken Iverson's group in Yorktown was wrestling with the transition from Iverson Notation, a notation suited for blackboards and printed pages, to a machine-executable programming environment. Iverson had already developed a Selectric typeball(More)
the language. A key point in APL history has to be, of course, the period during which Ken Iverson distilled common notation from the studies of algorithms in a variety of fields. What became to be known as Iverson notation is the first recognizable APL-like notation. "A Formal Description of System~360" by Falkoff, Iverson, and S u s s e n g u t h in the(More)
We present a generalization of the extension of scalar dyadic functions with one-element operands. The generalization retains the spirit of APL scalar extension, brings into harmony the present rules for extension of one-element arrays, and provides useful new APL constructions. Some contrasts with Dr. S. Charmonman's proposed generalization, and some(More)
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