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A unifying feature in the pathogenesis of aging, neurodegenerative disease, and lysosomal storage disorders is the progressive deposition of macromolecular debris impervious to enzyme catalysis by cellular waste disposal mechanisms (e.g., lipofuscin). Aerobic exercise training (AET) has pleiotropic effects and stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis,(More)
Discussion will focus on the rule of viakoconfereneing in conducting training courses and in promoting collaboration among researchers at widely dispersed iocatwns. Participants will offer an ovem”ew of how video networks can contribute to the high pe~ormance computing environment, describing recent experiences ~“th a statewi& network (North Carolina’s(More)
And therefore, z λ < λ < λz and rz = λz/λ>1 and r z = z λ /λ <1. In this paper, we attempt to improve on the upper level set (ULS) scan system by improving the nodal quality and quantity of the upper level set tree, using PULSE, the progressive upper level set scan system. Here we generalize the ULS notion of the rank of a cell, while the original ULS(More)
DNA damage was detected by nucleoid sedimentation in human lymphocytes stimulated with pokeweed mitogen after exposure to enflurane. Enflurane induces DNA damage at an exposure concentration of 0.2 vol%. Higher enflurane concentrations increase the rate of DNA damage. The DNA damage seen after exposure to enflurane concentrations of 0.2 and 3.0% vol is(More)
The needs of society have long been addressed through government resea rch support for new technologies-the Internet representing one example. Today, under the rubric of digital government, federal agencies as well as state and local units of governments at all levels have begun to leverage the fruits of these research investments to better serve the needs(More)
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