Larry Anderton

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Assessment of spinal intersegmental motion has been a focus for research and has depended on radiographic techniques. Radiographic techniques are limited because of ionizing radiation exposure, magnification errors, and image quality. Interventional magnetic resonance scanners, however, allow dynamic imaging in the scanner in different positions. Twelve(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the trunk strength of elite rowers and the impact of low back pain on these measures in order to determine if asymmetries or weakness were present. METHODS Twenty two elite rowers were recruited: 13 reported previous low back pain, five current low back pain, and the remainder had no history of low back pain. All subjects were(More)
Synopsis Many students experience mathematics as ahistorical and acultural. We review the philosophical roots of this experience and pose alternatives. We argue that there is evidence that the inclusion of a historical dimension into the teaching of mathematics courses at all levels, combined with an active approach to learning, will improve motivation and(More)
Accurate estimation of motion in fluoroscopic imaging sequences is critical for improved frame interpolation/extrapolation, tracking of surgical instruments, and Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA). The projection of multiple transparent objects undergoing multiple complicated deformations in 3D onto a single 2D view makes this motion estimation problem(More)
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