Larry A. Glasgow

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The shear sensitivity of animal and plant cells is a problem often encountered in large-scale cell culture. Such sensitivity varies with different cell lines and the severity of cellular damage may depend on both the magnitude and the duration of the shear stress. In a bioreactor, the shear susceptibility of cells depends on their response to hydrodynamic(More)
The study reported here sought to exploit aeroelastically-generated vortices for enhanced capture of airborne particles by horizontal, flat plate collectors. Elastically-supported bluff bodies of different cross-sections were screened for suitable plunge (transverse) oscillation at air velocities ranging from about 1 to 10 m s(-1). Both "D" shapes and(More)
Floc breakup in biological wastewater treatment occurs in response to hydrodynamic stresses imposed by aeration, recirculation, and mixing. This size reduction is of particular concern because it leads to solids carry-over and adversely affects process controllability. A laboratory study of floc size reduction has shown how the hydrodynamic environment(More)
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