Larissa Welti Santos

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We have initially sequenced approximately 8,000 canine expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from several complementary DNA (cDNA) libraries: testes, whole brain, and Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells. Analysis of these sequences shows that they provide partial sequence information for about 5%-10% of the canine genes. An analysis pipeline has been created to(More)
The International Design Project Semester (IDPS) program integrates technical knowledge and professional engineering skills from a point of view of multidisciplinary and international teams. The preliminary results show that it is possible to integrate international design students in the classroom using materials and methods from human computer interaction(More)
Our research group is creating a tool that uses information technology and geographic information systems to map spatial information in order to assist people with decision-making related to the traffic congestion problem in Mexico City. We are creating a novel application that focuses on improving vehicular mobility through the Crowdmap platform and we(More)
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