Larissa Steinhauer

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The release of 14CO2 from specifically labelled glucose ([G-1-14C],[G-2-14C],[G-3,4-14C], and [G-6-14C]) by phased cells of C. utilis was examined at intervals during 6-h cycles under conditions of N-,P-, and C-limited growth. On the basis that the release of 14CO2 from [G-1-C14] could serve as a measure of hexose monophosphate pathway (HMP) activity, of(More)
Candida utilis was grown in batch, chemostat, and continuously synchronised (phased) culture on a nitrogen-limited glucose mineral salts medium: phosphorus- and carbon-limited phased cultures were also used. The 14CO2 evolved from [G-1-14c]and [G-6-14c] was used, as a simple C1/C6 ratio, to observe the relative changes in EMP and HMP contributions during(More)
The choice of an appropriate structure coding scheme is the secret to success in QSAR studies. Depending on the problem at hand, 2D or 3D descriptors have to be chosen; the consideration of electronic effects might be crucial, conformational flexibility has to be of special concern. Artificial neural networks, both with unsupervised and with supervised(More)
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