Larissa Spinelli

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Internet topologies discovered by standard traceroute-based probing schemes are limited by many factors. One of the main factors is the ambiguity of the returned interfaces, where multiple unique interface IP addresses belong to the same physical router. The unknown assignment of interface IPs to physical routers can result in grossly inflated estimated(More)
Connection Networks are an abstraction to model the exchange of information between entities. In this abstraction, entities are represented by vertices and the exchange of information between two entities is represented by edges. Entities in Connection Networks can have distinct roles which can be related to their functionality. For example, in the Internet(More)
When information sources are moderated by recommender systems, so-called "filter bubbles" may restrict the diversity of content made available to users, potentially affecting their opinions. User opinions may in turn affect the output of recommender systems. In this work we ask how the dynamical system defined by user and recommender systems behaves, as(More)
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