Larissa Maria Cidrão Guedes Fiúza

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Binding and competition among Cry1Aa, Cry1Ac, and Cry1Ba toxins were analyzed quantitatively in vitro by using (sup125)I-labeled activated toxins and brush border membrane vesicles isolated from Chilo suppressalis larval midguts. The three toxins bound specifically to the midgut brush border membrane vesicles. Direct binding experiments showed that Cry1Aa(More)
The natural history of infection with Entamoeba histolytica was studied in 2 slum communities in northeastern Brazil. Twenty-eight index patients colonized with E. histolytica were identified. Three stool specimens from the index patients and their household contacts were gathered over a 45-day period and tested for E. histolytica by means of a specific(More)
Background Cell immobilization is a strategy to enhance the efficiency of biorremediation processes [1]. Polyurethane foams have gained relevance for their resistance to microbial attack and cost effectiveness. Although the phenotypic diversity and lower generation time of bacteria make this group the most studied, yeasts are also able to adhere and grow on(More)
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