Larissa Camejo

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PURPOSE To evaluate whether dexamethasone injected intracamerally at the conclusion of surgery can safely and effectively reduce postoperative inflammation and improve surgical outcomes in eyes with and without glaucoma. METHODS Retrospective chart review of 176 consecutive eyes from 146 patients receiving uncomplicated phacoemulsification (PE) (n = 118(More)
Use of topical steroids is an important component of postoperative care after filtration surgery. Efficacy of postoperative medications is affected by patient adherence and physical limitations in the elderly population often prohibit proper dosing of ophthalmic drops. We describe a technique for the use of intraoperative retrobulbar triamcinolone acetonide(More)
We studied the effects of audible and visual alarms on adherence with a recommended dosing regimen in the management of glaucoma. Forty-two patients were begun on therapy with the Travatan((R)) Dosing Aid (TDA) and randomly divided into two observation groups - one with visual and audible alarm functions turned on and the other with alarms off. Dosing(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the accuracy of a parent-administered visual acuity test, using the electronic visual acuity tester (EVA) (JAEB Center, Tampa, FL) and evaluate its use as a means to improve efficiency of office acuity testing. METHODS This was a prospective experimental study. Part I: Sixty-four children had their visual acuity determined using the(More)
A modified technique for sulcus placement of glaucoma silicone tubes is described. Sulcus placement can be useful in patients with penetrating keratoplasty or in those who are at risk for corneal endothelial decompensation. However, correct placement can be difficult to confirm with a traditional ab externo approach. An ab interno technique for sulcus(More)
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