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To compare time and risk to biochemical recurrence (BR) after radical prostatectomy of two chronologically different groups of patients using the standard and the modified Gleason system (MGS). Cohort 1 comprised biopsies of 197 patients graded according to the standard Gleason system (SGS) in the period 1997/2004, and cohort 2, 176 biopsies graded(More)
INTRODUCTION Inflammatory pseudotumor (IPT) is a rare lesion consisted of inflammatory and myofibroblastic cells. These lesions may be found in different organs. There are less than 300 described cases. PRESENTATION OF CASE Case 1. 64-year-old cirrhotic male with a palpable epigastric mass. CT showed a lesion in liver segments 2 and 3 and left hepatic(More)
PURPOSE To find any influence on prognostic factors of index tumor according to predominant location. MATERIALS AND METHODS Prostate surgical specimens from 499 patients submitted to radical retropubic prostatectomy were step-sectioned. Each transverse section was subdivided into 2 anterolateral and 2 posterolateral quadrants. Tumor extent was evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to revise the histopathologic types of neoplasias in the genitourinary tract and determine the frequency of 2 new entities included in the 2016 book of World Health Organization classification of renal tumors. It is not established so far whether these 2 recently described tumors are the most frequent in association with(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of active surveillance of early prostate cancer is to individualize therapy by selecting for curative treatment only patients with significant cancer. Epstein's criteria for prediction of clinically insignificant cancer in surgical specimens are widely used. Epstein's criterion "no single core with >50% cancer has no correspondence in(More)
The probable reason for mixing solutions during the harvesting procedure is due to the presence of multiple transplant teams that have their own solution usage tradition. Despite numerous studies comparing the efficacy of different preservation solutions, there is no study addressing the associating solution and if there is any impact on liver graft and(More)
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