Larisa Zaitseva

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Specific changes of bioelectrical brain activity was found in 27 patients with different level of posttraumatic consciousness depression by the methods of crosscorrelation, coherence and factor analysis of EEG. The changes of activity of morphofunctional systems of intracerebral integrations were revealed partially by decreasing of unspecific activity from(More)
This report describes studies of the establishment of the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying mental speech activity associated with the synthesis of speech units from sets of more elementary units in children aged 5–6 years. Comparison of the results with data on analogous activity in adults, as well as in children and adults during verbal activity(More)
In this study the age specificity of inter- and intrahemispheric relations during stereognostic task (tactile identification of predetermined chess-like pieces with right or left hand) in adults and children of 5-6, 7-8 an 9-10 years old is considered. The combined pattern of cortical interactions was revealed in adults. Its appeared in significant(More)
The main goal of this study was to investigate reorganisation of the EEG systemic interactions spatial structure during mental speech production in preschool children: generating sentences from the set of words and generating words from the set of phonemes. In both cases, interhemisphere biopotential relations significantly increased as compared with the(More)
The article is devoted to analysis of research brain biopotential field structure during different stages of natural night sleep in adults. The special attention is given to distinctions of the spatial organization of EEG interregional relations in the left and right hemispheres which are shown most strongly in the II and III sleep stages. The special role(More)
Electropolygraphic study of natural night sleep was performed in 16 adult subjects using correlation, coherent, cluster, and factor analyses. New evidence testifies to the active nature of sleep, which is especially manifest during falling asleep and transition from one stage of sleep to another. Falling asleep and deepening the sleep proved to be(More)
Electropoligraphical study of the natural night sleep in 16 adults with the use of correlation, coherent, cluster and factor analysis were used to obtain new data describing the active nature of sleep, which is expressed especially in periods of falling asleep and the transition from one stage to another. It is shown that the process of falling asleep and(More)
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