Larisa Shwartz

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H. Madduri S. S. B. Shi R. Baker N. Ayachitula L. Shwartz M. Surendra C. Corley M. Benantar S. Patel In this paper, we present the architecture of the IBM Tivolit Change and Configuration Management Database. Its main features include a rich data model, automatic discovery of data for configuration items, visualization of application dependencies on(More)
Fertilization in invertebrates results in tyrosine (Tyr) phosphorylation of several egg proteins. However, the involvement of Tyr phosphorylation in mediating mammalian egg activation has not yet been investigated. Using an antibody specific for phosphotyrosine (P-Tyr), immunoblotting, and densitometric analysis, we found that maturation of the oocyte is(More)
The steady drumbeat of Cloud as a disruptive influence for Infrastructure Service Providers (ISP’s) and the enablement vehicle for Software As A Service (SAAS)providers can be heard loud and clear in the industry today. In fact, Cloud is probably at the peak of the hype curve, and already there are identified challenges associated with effective(More)
Customers of Cloud Services are expected to choose specific machine images to instantiate in order to host their workloads. Unfortunately very little information is provided to the users to enable them to make intelligent choices. We believe that as the number of images proliferates it will become increasingly difficult for users to decide effectively.(More)
The providers of IT services are under constant pressure to reduce cost and improve the quality of the services they provide. Customers and service providers have the choice of which internal service delivery team or external service provider they assign to parts of a service process. The delivery of a service is therefore the responsibility of more than(More)
People, processes, technology and information are the essential building blocks for creating a successful IT infrastructure in today's fast-paced, service-focused marketplace. ITIL which is recognized as the de facto standard for service management is a process based approach. ITIL focuses on a set of integrated processes which run the gamut from highly(More)
IT service providers typically must comply with Service Level Agreements that are part of their usage contracts with customers. Not only IT infrastructure is subject to service level guarantees such as availability or response time but also service management processes as defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) such as change and incident processes(More)
Today's competitive business climate and the complexity of IT environments dictate efficient and cost effective service delivery and support of IT services. This is largely achieved through automating of routine maintenance procedures including problem detection, determination and resolution. System monitoring provides effective and reliable means for(More)
The competitive business climate and the complexity of IT environments dictate efficient and cost-effective service delivery and support of IT services. These are largely achieved by automating routine maintenance procedures, including problem detection, determination and resolution. System monitoring provides an effective and reliable means for problem(More)
In recent years, IT service providers have rapidly achieved an automated service delivery model. Software monitoring systems are designed to actively collect and signal event occurrences and, when necessary, automatically generate incident tickets. Repeating events generate similar tickets, which in turn have a vast number of repeated problem resolutions(More)