Larisa S Okorokova

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We studied the effects of secretory products of the placenta obtained from women with normal pregnancy and preeclampsia on the expression of surface markers by THP-1 cells cultured on a 3D Matrigel scaffold. Secretory products of third trimester placentas obtained from women with normal pregnancy reduced the relative number of THP-1 cells expressing CD54(More)
While epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a well known mitogen, high doses of EGF result in a paradoxical apoptotic response in the cells that overexpress EGF receptor such as A431 epidermoid carcinoma cells. EGF-induced apoptosis in A431 cells is dependent upon activation of transcription factor STAT1. In this study, we demonstrate that p38 MAP kinase is(More)
Despite ample data on cytokine secretion in the uteroplacental interface, the influence of microenvironment cells, in particular, trophoblast cells on angiogenesis and the role of cytokines in this process remain poorly studied. We studied the influence of cytokines on the formation of tube-like structures by endothelial cells in the presence of trophoblast(More)
The interaction of endothelial cells with cells of the microenvironment, including monocytes/ macrophages, and extracellular matrix during angiogenesis is controlled by cytokines. The stimulating effect bFGF, IL-8, and VEGF on the formation of capillary-like structures by endothelial cells was demonstrated in both monoculture and in co-culture with THP-1(More)
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