Larisa M. Timofeeva

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Complex epidemiological situation, nosocomial infections, microbial contamination, and infection risks in hospital and dental equipment have led to an ever-growing need for prevention of microbial infection in these various areas. Macromolecular systems, due to their properties, allow one to efficiently use them in various fields, including the creation of(More)
Antimicrobial activity of secondary and tertiary poly(diallylammonium) salts (PDAAs) had not been reported before. Due to difficulties with preparation of polymers from the monomers of the diallylamine (DAA) series in the nonquaternary form, up to recently it was not possible to obtain PDAAs with a sufficiently high molecular mass. Here, we describe the(More)
Mycobacteria, especially Mycobacterium tuberculosis, are one of the most dangerous types of microorganisms to cause diseases and mortality. Due to the known distinctive structure of their cell wall, mycobacteria are resistant to majority of antibiotics and common chemical disinfectants, including quaternized low molecular weight and polymer biocides. In(More)