Larisa Kiseleva

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In this paper we present a fast algorithm and implementation for computing the Spearman rank correlation (SRC) between a query expression profile and each expression profile in a database of profiles. The algorithm is linear in the size of the profile database with a very small constant factor. It is designed to efficiently handle multiple profile platforms(More)
The establishment and rapid expansion of microarray databases has created a need for new search tools. Here we present CellMontage, the first server for expression profile similarity search over a large database-69 000 microarray experiments derived from NCBI's; GEO site. CellMontage provides a novel, content-based search engine for accessing gene(More)
The combined processes of microbial biodegradation accompanied by extracellular electron transfer make microbial fuel cells (MFCs) a promising new technology for cost-effective and sustainable wastewater treatment. Although a number of microbial species that build biofilms on the anode surfaces of operating MFCs have been identified, studies on the(More)
Ductal cytometry provides data on cellular DNA and RNA levels and overall profile of specific proteins identifiable by monoclonal antibodies. Results of its long-term use in clinical and oncological research are presented. Application of dosage ranging 0.28-1.1 mGy/sec was followed by stable 1.8-2-fold increase in the myelokariocyte profile cbering DNA(More)
Visualization tools allow researchers to obtain a global view of the interrelationships between the probes or experiments of a gene expression (e.g. microarray) data set. Some existing methods include hierarchical clustering and k-means. In recent years, others have proposed applying minimum spanning trees (MST) for microarray clustering. Although MST-based(More)
In colorectal cancer (CRC) patients, metastasis to the regional lymph node (LN) is an important first step in the dissemination of cancers. To identify the genes possibly involved in LN metastasis of CRC, we analyzed LN metastases in an orthotopic implantation mouse model with 22 CRC cell lines using Matrigel, an extracellular matrix protein derived from(More)
We present the draft genome of the petroleum-degrading Thalassospira sp. strain HJ, isolated from tidal marine sediment. Knowledge of this genomic information will inform studies on electrogenesis and means to degrade environmental organic contaminants, including compounds found in petroleum.
Some bacteria can carry out anaerobic respiration by depositing electrons on external materials, such as electrodes, thereby creating an electrical current. Into the anode chamber of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) having abiotic air-cathodes we inoculated microorganisms cultured from a magnetic particle-enriched portion of a marine tidal sediment, reasoning(More)
Mesenchymal stromal cells were isolated from the adipose tissue obtained during surgery for breast cancer and cultured under conditions of normal or low oxygen concentrations. In patients that had received a course of radiation and polychemotherapy prior to surgery, the proliferative potential of mesenchymal stromal cells was irreversibly disturbed. In(More)
There are conflicting data on the influence of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) on B-lymphocyte growth, differentiation, and immunoglobulin (Ig) production. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of MSCs derived from the adipose tissue of healthy donors and cancer patients on the proliferation and Ig synthesis of the lymphoblastoid cell line(More)