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Changes in the proportion of muscular- and connective tissue in the media of the thoracic duct were observed at atherosclerotic persons. It was established that the quotient of the muscular and connective tissue with the development of the atherosclerotic process increases. The latter causes thichkening of the connective tissue layer in the wall of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate buffering capacity and side effects of equivalent doses of tromethamine (THAM) and sodium bicarbonate (BIC). ANIMALS 18 purebred dogs. PROCEDURE Acidosis was induced by having dogs breathe a hypoxic gas mixture (FIO2 = 0.10) until arterial base balance < or = -7.5 mEq/L was reached. Dogs then received a 30-minute infusion of 5% BIC(More)
Russell-Silver syndrome is a rare heterogeneous disorder mainly characterized by intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, craniofacial disproportion, clinodactyly, variation in urogenital development, and skeletal asymmetry. It is rare to come across tethered cord-associated Russell-Silver syndrome. We report a rare case of Russell-Silver syndrome(More)
Effect of dextran of 250000 molecular weight on experimental cholesterin-sclerosis of rabbits was studied. Doses of 120 (mg/week) kg and 1200 (mg/week) kg administered during 12 weeks have resulted a protective effect. When doses of 1200 (mg/week) kg have been administered--in the aortic adventitia intensive cellular reaction, no hitherto described was(More)
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