Larisa A. Panchenko

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In this work we examine how protein structural changes are coupled with sequence variation in the course of evolution of a family of homologs. The sequence-structure correlation analysis performed on 81 homologous protein families shows that the majority of them exhibit statistically significant linear correlation between the measures of sequence and(More)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology is based on cutting DNA into small fragments, and their massive parallel sequencing. The multiple overlapping segments termed "reads" are assembled into a contiguous sequence. To reduce sequencing errors, every genome region should be sequenced several dozen times. This sequencing approach is based on the(More)
The resistance of male Wistar rats to acute hypoxia was estimated from the lifetime at an "altitude" of 11.5 km above sea level from 13 to 21 p.m. and in different seasons of a year. Identical types of rhythms (circaseptan, circasemiseptan, infradian, circadian, and ultradian) of geomagnetic activity and lifetime were revealed. It was found that the periods(More)
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