Larbi Chrifi-Alaoui

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In this paper, the nonlinear Sliding Mode Control (SMC) with varying boundary layers is implemented to improve the tracking performance of a nonlinear system. The key feature of the control scheme is the use of varying boundary layers instead of fixed boundary layers, which are usually employed in conventional SMC. The experimental results strongly suggest(More)
In this paper, a solution is proposed in order to solve the chattering avoidance problem in variable structure control for a class of uncertain non linear systems with external disturbances. This approach is based on Sliding Mode Control (SMC) with integral corrector in the boundary layer to synthesize a robust control system. The stability and the(More)
In this paper, the nonlinear sliding mode control (SMC) with mismatch disturbances is proposed. We treat the problem of control with this class of disturbances and the chattering phenomena. The proposed method attenuates the effect of both uncertainties, external disturbances and eliminates the chattering phenomenon introduced by classical sliding mode(More)
This paper deals with a Sensorless backstepping controller. In order to improve the robustness of the proposed approach, we estimate the rotor flux components and rotor speed of the induction motor using a sliding mode observer. The backstepping technique is appropriate for such as non linear system. The overall system stability is proved through(More)
This paper presents a robust voltage control intended for a photovoltaic system, the main objectives of the proposed control is to adapt with the parameter variations and load disturbances. Second order sliding mode controller, based on super twisting algorithm for DC-DC Buck converter is proposed. Applying SOSMC can improve the transient response of the(More)
Demand side management is considered as the next evolution of smart grid technology, it can adjust the time and the quantity of the electricity usage either by shifting the demand during the peak hours or by moving the time of energy use to off-peak periods. The objective of this paper is to develop an efficient load side management strategy for(More)
This paper deals with the robust control problem of two coupled tank subjected to parameters uncertainties and external disturbance. The Standard Sliding Mode (SSM) controller produces oscillations (or”chattering”) in the closed-loop system. The new approach High Order Sliding Mode (HOSM) is proposed to eliminate the undesired chattering(More)
This paper deals with robust estimation of states and unknown inputs for a class of non linear system described by Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models. The proposed approach is developed on the basis of adaptive Luenberger observer theory. A robustness study, using the L<sub>2</sub> technique, is carried out to take in consideration the model uncertainties. Unknown(More)
This paper, deals with a new input-output sliding mode linearization control for induction motor combined with field oriented control (FOC). To control the speed and rotor flux modulus, we develop two loops. The first one, inner loop, allows to linearize the system by a choose of closed loop poles to achieve a good linearization. The choice of a particular(More)