Lara Rahal

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This paper aims at investigating the influence of the temporal intensity changes of two low-resolution vibrotactile actuators on the apparent movement phenomenon. In our work, we exploit two human sensory illusions called funneling illusion and apparent movement phenomenon. By temporarily varying the intensities of two adjacent vibrating actuators located(More)
Traditional teleconferencing multimedia systems have been limited to audio and video information. However, human touch, in the form of handshake, encouraging pat, comforting hug, among other physical contacts, is fundamental to physical and emotional development between persons. This paper presents the motivation and design of a synchronous haptic(More)
Today, the digital community has strongly allied with rich sensory human computer interfaces (HCIs) to better understand how people interact via their sense of touch. In this research, we leverage knowledge of the perception and psychophysics of haptics to better understand the human tactile sensory system and develop perceptual tactile displays. We utilize(More)
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