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Executive Functions after Age 5: Changes and Correlates.
Research and theorizing on executive function (EF) in childhood has been disproportionately focused on preschool age children. This review paper outlines the importance of examining EF throughoutExpand
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Thematic thinking : the apprehension and consequences of thematic relations
A thematic relation is a temporal, spatial, causal, or functional relation between things that perform complementary roles in the same scenario or event. For example, cows and milk are related by aExpand
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Roosters, robins, and alarm clocks : Aptness and conventionality in metaphor comprehension
Bowdle and Gentner (2005) proposed a reconciliation of the comparison and categorization models of metaphor comprehension. Their career of metaphor model posits that, as a metaphorical term becomesExpand
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Integrative priming occurs rapidly and uncontrollably during lexical processing.
Lexical priming, whereby a prime word facilitates recognition of a related target word (e.g., nurse --> doctor), is typically attributed to association strength, semantic similarity, or compoundExpand
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Priming via relational similarity: A COPPER HORSE is faster when seen through a GLASS EYE
Relation priming is a phenomenon in which comprehension of a word pair (e.g.. COPPER HORSE) is facilitated by the prior presentation of another word pair (e.g., GLASS EYE) that instantiates the sameExpand
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Metaphor comprehension as attributive categorization.
The class-inclusion model claims that metaphors (e.g., That exam is a filter) are comprehended by inclusion of the topic (or subject) as a member of an attributive category named after andExpand
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Priming by relational integration in perceptual identification and Stroop colour naming.
Integrative priming is the facilitated recognition of a target word following a prime word with which it can be combined to produce a sub-type of the target (e.g., a lake bird is a type of bird).Expand
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Different influences on lexical priming for integrative, thematic, and taxonomic relations
Word pairs may be integrative (i.e., combination of two concepts into one meaningful entity; e.g., fruit—cake), thematically related (i.e., connected in time and place; e.g., party—cake), and/orExpand
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Clever and crude but not kind: Narcissism, self-esteem, and the self-reference effect
According to the agency model of narcissism (Campbell, Brunell, & Finkel, 2006) narcissists view themselves as high on agentic traits but low on communal traits. To test if this self-view extends toExpand
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An asymmetric effect of relational integration on recognition memory
Two experiments assessed whether conceptual relations (e.g., contains: cookie jar) facilitate the retrieval of concepts (e.g., cookie and jar) from long-term memory. The CARIN model of nominalExpand
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