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OBJECTIVE Burn wound depth is a significant determinant of patient treatment and morbidity. While superficial partial-thickness burns generally heal by re-epithelialization with minimal scarring, deeper wounds can form hypertrophic or contracted scars, often requiring surgical excision and grafting to prevent a suboptimal result. In addition, without timely(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative risk assessment is important yet inexact in older patients because physiologic reserves are difficult to measure. Frailty is thought to estimate physiologic reserves, although its use has not been evaluated in surgical patients. We designed a study to determine if frailty predicts surgical complications and enhances current(More)
FlhB, an integral membrane protein, gates the type III flagellar export pathway of Salmonella. It permits export of rod/hook-type proteins before hook completion, whereupon it switches specificity to recognize filament-type proteins. The cytoplasmic C-terminal domain of FlhB (FlhBC) is cleaved between Asn-269 and Pro-270, defining two subdomains: FlhBCN and(More)
OBJECTIVE Burn wound progression is a poorly understood process by which certain superficial partial-thickness burns spontaneously advance into deep partial-thickness or full-thickness wounds. Progression of an injury into deeper tissue is an important phenomenon in the treatment of thermal injury due to the fact that burn wound depth may be a significant(More)
PURPOSE Posterior instability of the shoulder is an uncommon occurrence. Its etiology has been classified as traumatic or atraumatic and its type as voluntary (individual can subluxate the shoulder posteriorly) or involuntary. Typically, patients with posterior voluntary instability do not have a history of trauma, can be treated successfully with physical(More)
BACKGROUND Thermal ablative techniques have gained increasing popularity in recent years as safe and effective options for patients with unresectable solid malignancies. Microwave ablation has emerged as a relatively new technique with the promise of larger and faster burns without some of the limitations of radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Here we study a(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the incidence of visually significant cystoid macular edema associated with the use of latanoprost in patients with glaucoma after cataract surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS This is a multicenter, retrospective study of 185 patients, of whom 173 were pseudophakic (212 eyes) and 12 were aphakic (13 eyes), who were treated for glaucoma(More)
BACKGROUND The overexpression of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) appears to induce immunosuppression toward the tumor cells. METHODS A rat HCC cell line, Morris hepatoma rat cell line (MRH)-7777 (MRH), was transfected with antisense TGF-beta2 in pCEP-4 vector and used as immunotherapy against the development of(More)
BACKGROUND Although there is high-quality information on the Internet, it is difficult for patients to identify high-quality Web sites from those with inaccurate or misleading information. Our goal was to determine specific characteristics of Web search results that yield high-quality information and can be discerned easily by patients. STUDY DESIGN A(More)