Lara Kaiser

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The actin cytoskeleton is an attractive target for bacterial toxins. The ADP-ribosyltransferase TccC3 from the insect bacterial pathogen Photorhabdus luminescence modifies actin to force its aggregation. We intended to transport the catalytic part of this toxin preferentially into cancer cells using a toxin transporter (Protective antigen, PA) which was(More)
A method of quantification of the exploratory behavior of small animals stimulated by an odorant in a four-choice olfactometer, taking into account the interindividual variability of responses, was developed: individual tracks were time sampled according to the animal's walking speed and its positions were recorded according to the X-Y coordinates of the(More)
It is known that the so-called paternity index is also a likelihood ratio statistic for testing that an alleged father is the true father. Unfortunately the likelihood ratio test can sometimes lead to unsatisfactory results because of its dependence on the phenotype combinations of the mother and child. A new, conditional likelihood ratio test, which we(More)
Detecting patterns of interaction in networks is a primary goal of ecological research and a nestedness pattern has been detected frequently over the last years. Nestedness is a interaction pattern of a network that shows high occupancy of links in the upper left triangle of the ordered interaction matrix. As this shape may be the result of environmental(More)
An algorithm, readily adaptable to microcomputers, is given for computing paternity indexes. A closed-form expression based only on gene frequencies and phenotype structures is derived for the paternity index for a given mother/child/alleged father trio and any blood group system. This above work is applied to the problem of estimating gene frequencies from(More)
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