Lara Groeneveldt

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Exercise programmes are beneficial for cancer patients however evidence is limited in patients with multiple myeloma (MM), a cancer that is characterised by osteolytic bone disease, giving rise to high levels of bone morbidity including fractures and bone pain. We conducted a single arm phase 2 study of an exercise programme (EP) as rehabilitation for(More)
A descriptive, cross-sectional analytical study was conducted to determine whether the recommended walking speed of 1.2 ms(-1) would allow elderly pedestrians to safely clear pedestrian crossings in Cape Town, South Africa. Male and female volunteers (n = 47), aged 65-93 years and resident in four homes for older persons, were recruited. Pedestrian(More)
Two-hundred and forty White children attending special schools for the deaf have been investigated by clinical,genetic and laboratory methods in order to determine determine the aetiology of their hearing disability of these, 36% had a genetic basis for their deafness, while in a further 34% an acquired lesion was incriminated. The most important(More)
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