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Fifty-four patients (108 ears) with presumed noise-induced hearing loss, were subjected to tonal and speech audiometry, impedance tests and measurements of auditory brainstem responses (ABR), in order to check for possible retrocochlear involvement. ABR data indicated that latency values of waves I, III and V, as well as III-I, V-III and V-I intervals fell(More)
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) capsids are found in many forms: immature single-stranded RNA-filled cores, single-stranded DNA-filled replication intermediates, mature cores with relaxed circular double-stranded DNA, and empty capsids. A capsid, the protein shell of the core, is a complex of 240 copies of core protein. Mature cores are transported to the nucleus(More)
In this work, the Authors want to verify the possibility of an objective method of cochlear function evaluation in subjects affected by chronic acoustic trauma, through the study of the acoustic distortion products. Undertaking 46 subjects, the researchers have demonstrated a direct correlation between the tonal acoustic threshold and that of the distortion(More)
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