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Examined the construct validity of the Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index (CASI) in young children through the use of a behavioral challenge task. Elementary-school children completed the CASI as well as self-report measures of state and trait anxiety and subjective fear prior to and immediately following a stair-stepping task designed to increase(More)
Children of depressed mothers are at risk for behavioral and emotional problems. Infants of depressed mothers exhibit behavioral disturbances and atypical frontal brain activity. The mechanisms by which children develop such vulnerabilities are not clear. Three-year-old children of mothers with (N = 65) and without (N = 59) a history of depression were(More)
An in vitro wheat fermentation study (Exp. 1) was conducted to investigate the effect of pH (pH 7, 6, 5 and 4) on rumen lactate and VFA production. In another study (Exp. 2), lambs were fed high concentrate diets containing either no additions (control), 2% sodium bentonite, 2% limestone, 2% NaHCO3 or 10% alfalfa hay. The effect of these diets was(More)