Lara Aiello

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Based on a longitudinal study of radiographs of the Denver Growth Study, we investigated the morphological development of individual and gender differences in the anterior neurocranium, face, and basicranium. In total, 500 X-rays of 14 males and 14 females, each with 18 landmarks and semilandmarks, were digitized and analyzed using geometric morphometric(More)
Odors are powerful in bringing back old and vivid memories bearing emotional content. This inherent hedonic property of olfactory stimuli makes this sensory modality particularly suitable for studying autobiographical memory. In the present work, adolescents (first experiment), young adults (second experiment), and elderly (third experiment) of both sexes(More)
Blood vessel in retinal image plays a vital role in medical diagnosis of many diseases. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the diseases which damages the retina and leads to blindness. Segmentation of blood vessels is helpful for ophthalmologists and this paper presents a new automatic method to extract blood vessels with high accuracy. This algorithm is(More)
The Guillain Barré poliradicoloneuritis shows a high incidence of permanent sequelae and exitus. Recently the plasmapheresis has been applied in the acute stage with a beneficial effect to the rapidity and the degree of the recovery. In the present study the results obtained in a group of patients with Guillain Barré of maximal severity are reported. All(More)
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