Lapo Boschi

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[1] Abstract: We conduct a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of similarities and differences between recent seismic tomography models of the Earth's mantle in an attempt to determine a benchmark for geodynamic interpretation. After a spherical harmonic expansion, we find the spectral power and radial correlation of each tomographic model as a function(More)
Computational seismology is an area of wide sociological and economic impact, ranging from earthquake risk assessment to subsurface imaging and oil and gas exploration. At the core of these simulations is the modeling of wave propagation in a complex medium. Here we report on the extension of the high-order finite-element seismic wave simulation package(More)
  • Ludwig Auer, Thorsten W Becker, Lapo Boschi, Nicholas Schmerr
  • 2015
Defining the oceanic lithosphere as a thermal boundary layer allows to explain, to first order, age-dependent bathymetry and isotropic wave speeds. In contrast, SS precursors and receiver functions suggest a subhorizontal interface within this layer, on top of a radially anisotropic zone. Comparing a suite of geodynamic scenarios against surface wave(More)
Cross-correlations of ambient noise averaged at two receivers lead to the reconstruction of the two-point Green's function, provided that the wave-field is uniform azimuthally, and also temporally and spatially uncorrelated. This condition depends on the spatial distribution of the sources and the presence of heterogeneities that act as uncorrelated(More)
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