Lanxin Zhang

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This paper proposes a wireframe model-based method for automated internal design. The method is used to extract geometric structure of an internal wireframe model and find out all loop structures of furniture models. The wireframe models are classified as the multiple independent sub-models according to the geometric structure by statistical analysis. The(More)
The embedded software quality is one of the hottest research aspects with the wide use of the daily embedded devices. This paper proposes a method of evaluating the embedded software quality without high-level language. Firstly, we reverse the binary code into high-level language C. Secondly, the control flow and data flow analysis are utilized to analyze(More)
With the rapid advancement of wireless network technologies and the constant increase in the number of mobile devices, enormous amount of data is generated from a set of user equipments (UEs), such as mobile phones and wearable devices. How to power these devices wirelessly becomes a challenging issue. Meanwhile, data and energy integrated communication(More)
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