Lansing Hatfield

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The adenovirus inverted terminal repeat (ITR) contains a number of cis-acting elements that are involved in the initiation of viral DNA replication, as well as multiple binding motifs for the cellular transcription factors SP1 and ATF. In this study, we utilized a Hela cell transcription extract to demonstrate that the adenovirus type 5 ITR promotes(More)
The inverted terminal repeat (ITR) of adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) is 103 bp in length and contains the origin of DNA replication. Cellular transcription factors NFI/CTF and NFIII/OCT-1 bind to sites within the ITR and participate in the initiation of viral DNA replication in vitro. The ITR also contains multiple copies of two conserved sequence motifs that bind(More)
Gaseous breakdown in the sub-nanosecond regime is of interest for fast pulsed power switching, short pulse electromagnetics, and for plasma limiters to protect devices from high power microwave radiation. Previous investigations of sub-nanosecond breakdown were mainly limited to high-pressure gases or liquids, with applied voltages in excess of 100 kV. In(More)
We anticipate that NII will actually encompass many different kinds of institutions and enterprises. The kinds of players may be technology providers (hardware or software), carriers (telcos), service providers (libraries, etc.), regulators, or users. The spectrum of possible NII functions includes digital libraries, education, health services, and(More)
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