Lanshen Guo

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This paper applies fuzzy clustering theory to customer relationship management of securities industry and presents securities business model of CRM. The model includes two layers. First, in class classification layer, fuzzy clustering model is used to realize customer classification according to such index as trading frequency, trading capacity and interest(More)
This paper builds a system to perceive the unknown environment based on multi-sensor data fusion. It enables the self-determined mobile robot to identify the type of the obstacles around it timely in the process of travel, and the mobile robot achieves more intelligent operations. First, the paper introduces the theory of the mobile robot's environmental(More)
This paper developed three subsystems of robot perceptive system: visual, aural and olfactory for a three DOF robot perceptive system, which can get the primary location of the target by aural sensor, the exact location and tailing of the target, and estimation the location parameter by CCD camera. The olfactory sensor was used to detect whether there were(More)
This paper describes the importance and definition of churn analysis of securities business. According to the RFM model of CRM theory and decision tree method, churn analysis model of securities business is set up based on data mining from securities history trading database. In order to simplify the structure of decision tree, optimal stopping method is(More)
Based on wavelet packet decomposition and the BP neural network of pattern recognition theory, this article puts forward the theory that can identify the different tool wear conditions during the cutting process, and thus we can use this theory to forecast the tool breakage accurately. The main thinking of this article is that decomposing tool acoustic(More)
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