Lanru Jing

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We investigate the stress-dependent permeability issue in fractured rock masses considering the effects of nonlinear normal deformation and shear dilation of fractures using a two-dimensional distinct element method program, UDEC, based on a realistic discrete fracture network realization. A series of “numerical” experiments were conducted to calculate(More)
We computationally study the micromechanics of shear-induced size segregation and propose distinct migration mechanisms for individual large and small particles. While small particles percolate through voids without enduring contacts, large particles climb under shear through their crowded neighborhoods with anisotropic contact network. Particle rotation(More)
Base roughness plays an important role in the dynamics of granular flows but is still poorly understood due to the difficulty of its quantification. For a bumpy base made of spheres, at least two factors should be considered in order to characterize its geometric roughness, namely, the size ratio of flow to base particles and the packing arrangement of base(More)
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