Lanre Joseph Olatomiwa

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Hybrid energy systems are becoming attractive for providing electricity in remote areas due to excessive expenditure of grid extension, increase in oil price and advances in renewable energy technology. Optimal sizing of components can reduce the cost of hybrid systems. This article illustrates the size optimization of solar-wind-diesel generator-battery(More)
Role of off-grid renewable energy in extending basic healthcare services to rural villages where there is no grid extension or unreliable power supply cannot be over emphasized. This paper thus evaluated the technical and economic benefit of powering off-grid rural health clinic with renewable energy resources. The rural clinic selected as a case study in(More)
This paper presents the design and development of Calculator software for residential electrical services design. The software was developed using Java programming language and it serves as a valuable design tool for electrical engineers, students and technicians by providing a faster, easier and more accurate means of carrying out some basic calculations(More)
Residential properties are designed to provide livable environments for people and ought to meet the changing requirements of users. In most cases, the residential users are not satisfied in terms of spaces, (both private homes and public spaces as neighborhoods), facilities and services. Therefore developers and services providers should strife to meet the(More)
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