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Top-geoherbs of traditional Chinese medicine: common traits, quality characteristics and formation
Top-geoherbs used in China are always featured with high qualities, and they grow in specified areas with specific environment. Recently, researches on top-geoherbs have attracted increasingExpand
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Threatened medicinal plants in China: Distributions and conservation priorities
Abstract Medicinal plants are more vulnerable to threats than non-medicinal plants. In China, a large number of medicinal plants are threatened by human activities and climate change, which greatlyExpand
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Proteomics: a powerful tool to study plant responses to biotic stress
In recent years, mass spectrometry-based proteomics has provided scientists with the tremendous capability to study plants more precisely than previously possible. Currently, proteomics has beenExpand
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Evolutionary and phylogenetic aspects of the chloroplast genome of Chaenomeles species
  • Jiahui Sun, Yiheng Wang, +4 authors L. Huang
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Scientific Reports
  • 10 July 2020
Chaenomeles (family Rosaceae) is a genus of five diploid species of deciduous spiny shrubs that are native to Central Asia and Japan. It is an important horticultural crop (commonly known asExpand
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Distribution and Habitat of Danshen
Danshen is widely distributed throughout China, from Jiangxi, Hunan in the south, to Liaoning in the north, to Sichuan in the west. It grows in mountainous hill regions with elevations from 120 toExpand
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Insight to shape of soil microbiome during the ternary cropping system of Gastradia elata
The ternary cropping system of Gastradia elata depends on a symbiotic relationship with the mycorrhizal fungi Armillaria mellea, which decays wood to assimilate nutrition for the growth of G. elata.Expand
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Allometry: a Perspective for Research on Dao-di Herbs
As an important concept in modern ecology, allometry is the differential growth of parts or metrics of an organism and refers to the numerical relationship between growth and allocation. PlantExpand
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Quality suitability modeling of volatile oil in Chinese Materia Medica – Based on maximum entropy and independent weight coefficient method: Case studies of Atractylodes lancea, Angelica sinensis,
Abstract Volatile oils are an important class of active constituents that have anti-bacterial, antipyretic and nerve-soothing effects in Chinese medicinal materials. It is often a characteristicExpand
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The Mechanism of Formation of Daodi Herbs
“Daodi” is a term used to define traditional Chinese herbs selected for long-term clinical application in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These herbs are produced in certain areas with betterExpand