Lanny S. Smoot

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The authors present store-and-forward architecture that can provide video-on-demand (VOD), as well as other data-based services. They assume a B-ISDN network to be in place. The four major elements in this architecture are the information provider warehouse (IPw) where video material is archived; the central office (CO) server which contains a processor(More)
The authors have designed and constructed a new type of actuation for a spherical robot. The proposed actuation system consists of a large number of individually inflatable rubber bladders covering a sphere. Inflation of one or more of these bladders imparts a moment to the sphere and coordinated inflation results in a directed motion. Further, the authors(More)
Our hybrid display model combines multiple automultiscopic elements volumetrically to support horizontal and vertical parallax at a larger depth of field and better accommodation cues compared to single layer elements. In this paper, we introduce a framework to analyze the bandwidth of such display devices. Based on this analysis, we show that multiple(More)
We demonstrate a volumetric display providing high resolution, full color, real images with 10 addressable depth planes and correct focus and vergence cues for the viewer. The display is centered around a novel optical element; a large-aperture, rim-driven, adjustable-resonance, varifocal beamsplitter.
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