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Particle swarm optimization (PSO), an intelligent optimization algorithm inspired by the flocking behavior of birds, has been shown to perform well and widely used to solve the continuous problem. But the traditional PSO and most of its variants are developed for optimization problems in continuous space, which are not able to solve the binary combinational(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is an emerging intelligent optimization algorithm. Because of its excellent characteristic, PSO has been wildly researched and applied to tackle optimization algorithm in continuous space. As PSO cannot optimize the discrete optimization problem, Kennedy proposed a discrete binary PSO firstly, and then Shen proposed a(More)
Sulfur dioxide is an air pollutant and an acid rain precursor. Coal-fired power generating plants are major sources of sulfur dioxide, so the limestone-gypsum wet flues gas desulphurization (WFGD) technology has been widely used in thermal power plant in China nowadays to reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and protect the environment. The absorber slurry(More)
The absorber slurry pH value control is very important in the limestone-gypsum wet flues gas desulphurization technology which is widely adopted in thermal power plant in China. As the simple PID control method can not get the satisfactory control performance because of the complexity of the absorber slurry pH value control, we propose a modified(More)
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