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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey View of the Palomar-Green Bright Quasar Survey
We investigate the extent to which the Palomar-Green (PG) Bright Quasar Survey (BQS) is complete and representative of the general quasar population by comparing it with imaging and spectroscopy fromExpand
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Nucleosynthesis and remnants in massive stars of solar metallicity
Abstract Hans Bethe contributed in many ways to our understanding of the supernovae that happen in massive stars, but, to this day, a first principles model of how the explosion is energized isExpand
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A Faint New Milky Way Satellite in Bootes
We announce the discovery of a new satellite of the Milky Way in the constellation of Bootes at a distance of ~60 kpc. It was found in a systematic search for stellar overdensities in the northExpand
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Rossby Wave Instability of Keplerian Accretion Disks
We find a linear instability of nonaxisymmetric Rossby waves in a thin nonmagnetized Keplerian disk when there is a local maximum in the radial profile of a key function (r)≡(r)S2/Γ(r), whereExpand
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A Possible Cepheid-like Luminosity Estimator for the Long Gamma-Ray Bursts
We present a possible Cepheid-like luminosity estimator for the long gamma-ray bursts based on the variability of their light curves. To construct the luminosity estimator, we use CGRO/BATSE data forExpand
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X-Ray Observations of the Boundary Layer in Dwarf Novae at Low Accretion Rates
We present a spectral analysis of XMM-Newton data of 10 dwarf novae, 9 of which were observed during a quiescent state. The X-ray spectra indicate the presence of a hot, optically thin plasma with aExpand
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The propagation and eruption of relativistic jets from the stellar progenitors of gamma-ray bursts
New two- and three-dimensional calculations are presented of relativistic jet propagation and break out in massive Wolf-Rayet stars. Such jets are thought to be responsible for gamma-ray bursts. AsExpand
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Precise constraints on the dark matter content of Milky Way dwarf galaxies for gamma-ray experiments
We examine the prospects for detecting {gamma}-rays from dark matter annihilation in the six most promising dwarf spheroidal (dSph) satellite galaxies of the Milky Way. We use recently measuredExpand
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A New Milky Way Dwarf Satellite in Canes Venatici
In this Letter, we announce the discovery of a new dwarf satellite of the Milky Way, located in the constellation Canes Venatici. It was found as a stellar overdensity in the north Galactic cap usingExpand
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Advanced burning stages and fate of 8-10 M⊙ STARS
The stellar mass range 8 {approx}< M/M{sub Sun} {approx}< 12 corresponds to the most massive asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars and the most numerous massive stars. It is host to a variety ofExpand
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