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Multi-user broadcast authentication enables a large number of users to join in and broadcast messages to wireless sensor networks (WSN) dynamically and authentically. Public-key-based schemes have been proposed to provide such services; however, none of them achieve security, scalability and efficiency simultaneously. This paper presents IMBAS, an(More)
Security, anonymity, and scalability are important issues for mobile ad hoc network routing protocols, especially in private-vital practical applications. Although there are several papers on anonymous secure routing in mobile ad hoc networks, few research works can achieve sufficient anonymity and strong security, and at the same time provide good(More)
Watermarking technique enables to hide an imperceptible watermark into a multimedia content for copyright protection. However, in most conventional watermarking schemes, the watermark is embedded solely by the seller, and both the seller and the buyer know the watermarked copy, which causes unsettled dispute at the phase of arbitration. To solve this(More)
A secure and efficient mobile IP (MIP) registration protocol using certificateless signature scheme is proposed. The protocol minimises the registration time through minimal usage of an efficient certificateless signature scheme between a foreign agent (FA) and a home agent (HA). Protocol parameters can be kept resynchronised by reusing the initial values(More)
In cooperative wireless networks, it is often the case that multi-source and multi-relay cooperate to transmit their own data to the destination, namely, the access point. For the cooperative systems, the choice of relay and the allocation of power between the source and the relay are important design issues. In this paper, based on the optimal power(More)
In order to achieve the multi-user broadcast authentication in WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) defending against DoS (Denial-of-Service) attack, a multi-user broadcast authentication protocol in WSNs was proposed based on the improved ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) with partial message recovery. The authenticity of the user public key is(More)
This paper introduces an efficient mobile IP registration scheme, which is based on short certificateless public key signature scheme to minimize the registration time. Moreover, using a temporary identity for mobile users, the proposed scheme provides user anonymity. Additional replay protection from a foreign agent (FA) is included in the registration(More)