Lanier Watkins

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produce security vulnerabilities in enterprise/campus networks by circumventing inherent security mechanisms. We propose to use the round trip time (RTT) of network traffic to distinguish between wired and wireless nodes. This information coupled with a standard wireless AP authorization policy allows the differentiation (at a central location) between(More)
In this article, we illustrate that the boundary of a general-purpose node can be extended into the network by extracting information from network traffic generated by that general-purpose node to infer the state of its hardware components. This information is represented in a <i>delay signature</i> latent within the network traffic. In contrast, the(More)
We have identified a novel wireless covert timing channel (WCTC) that could be used by malware to exfiltrate data from mobile devices. We introduce the WCTC by demonstrating its ability to transmit data covertly: (1) across existing network services, (2) across ICMP pings, and (3) via a trojanized chat application. The WCTC is implemented by manipulating(More)