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From Racial Liberalism to Racial Literacy: Brown v. Board of Education and the Interest-Divergence Dilemma
On its fiftieth anniversary, Brown v. Board of Education no longer enjoys the unbridled admiration it once earned from academic commentators. Early on, the conventional wisdom was that the courageousExpand
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The miner's canary : enlisting race, resisting power, transforming democracy
Prologue 1. Political Race and Magical Realism 2. A Critique of Colorblindness 3. Race as a Political Space 4. Rethinking Conventions of Zero-Sum Power 5. Enlisting Race to Resist Hierarchy 6. TheExpand
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Admissions Rituals as Political Acts: Guardians at the Gates of Our Democratic Ideals
* Bennett Boskey Professor of Law, Harvard Law School. Many thanks to colleagues and friends David Barron, Gerald Frug, Heather Gerken, Martha Minow, Pamela Karlan, Susan Sturm, Gerald Torres, andExpand
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The tyranny of the majority : fundamental fairness in representative democracy
Argues that minority interests are not fully represented by the democratic system, and suggests practical reforms.
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The Tyranny of the Meritocracy: Democratizing Higher Education in America
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Changing the Wind: Notes Toward a Demosprudence of Law and Social Movements
This essay was influenced by a class on Law and Social Movements that Professors Guinier and Torres taught at the Yale Law School in 2011. This essay was also informed by numerous conversations withExpand
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Beyond Electocracy: Rethinking the Political Representative as Powerful Stranger
This year's Chorley lecture examines certain theoretical and practical questions concerning political representation in constitutional democracies and advances three claims. (1) That electocracyExpand
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The Triumph of Tokenism: The Voting Rights Act and the Theory of Black Electoral Success
For almost two decades, the conventional civil rights political empowerment agenda of black activists, lawyers, and scholars has focused on the election of black representatives. The belief thatExpand
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