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Controlled-release systems are common in a number of product areas, including foods, cosmetics, pesticides, and paper. Microencapsulated systems, for example, are used for the release of flavors and vitamins in foods, fragrances in perfumes, and inks in carbonless copy paper. Controlled-release systems for drug delivery first appeared in the 1960s and(More)
Petasites hybridus (Asteraceae), butter bur, is an ancient medicinal plant with spasmolytic sesquiterpene esters. Two chemotypes, the petasine and the furanopetasine chemotype, occur in Austria. The first one is considered as pharmaceutically useful due to its spasmolytic constituents, but it is restricted to the northern parts of the Alps. This use,(More)
Treatment of dilithiated nitriles and sulfones with oxalic acid bis(imidoyl) chlorides resulted in a new cyclization reaction which provided a variety of (3-imino-2, 3-dihydro-1H-indol-2-ylidene)acetonitriles and -sulfones in good yields. The reactions proceeded by condensation of the dianions with the first imidoyl chloride group of the bis(imidoyl)(More)
Das Studium der gonorrhoischen Erkrankungen der weib]ichen und m~nnliehen Genitalorgane ist irmerhalb der letzten Jahre dareh das groBe Interesse, das die Syphilisforsehung ganz for sieh beansprueht hat, stark in den Hintergrund gedrangt worden. Hierzu hat unter anderem abet aueh sicherlieh die Erfahrung beigetragen, dab der Erforsehung der Biologie des(More)