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The prevention from risk of virus type is one of the main contents of the risk management in supply chain. This paper has studied the immune effect of three immunization strategies on risk of virus type in different supply chains. When the supply chain is a homogeneous network, the adopting of the random immunization strategy to prevent risk of virus type(More)
A new algorithm for adaptive threshold segmentation based on combining Fisher criterion with location optimization is proposed in this paper. Fisher criterion is taking as the fitness function of Genetic Algorithm (GA), and an adaptive method which is used to calculate crossover probability and mutation probability is presented. Meanwhile, we add a new(More)
Some nodes which have innate immunity have not been considered by the dynamic equation of traditional SIS type. This paper improved the dynamic equation of risk spreading in the SIS type, and studied epidemic critical threshold of crisis when the risks of corrected SIS type spread in the uniformity network and non-uniform network. Based on the analytical(More)
This article has used data mining techniques and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to analyze and deal with a large number of Complex data and information of programme management(PgM), and founds that valuable knowledge. When analyzing and making programme selection, the author establishes the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model and AHP(The analytic(More)
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