Lane M Davis

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Eggs were sampled from 22 wild American alligator nests from the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in south-west Louisiana, along with the females guarding the nests. Three nests were sampled in 1995 and 19 were sampled in 1997. Females and offspring from all clutches were genotyped using five polymorphic microsatellite loci and the three nests from 1995 were(More)
The effect of the antitumour acridine derivative amsacrine [4'-(9-acridinylamino)methanesulphon-m-anisidide] on the fluorescence lifetime of DNA-bound ethidium has been investigated using a synchronously pumped cavity dumped dye laser producing picosecond pulses for sample excitation and a time-correlated single photon counting detection system. As the(More)
By modeling both the atom and the photon as capacitors, the correct energy levels are easily produced via extrapolation from Maxwell’s, Gauss’, Coulomb’s and Ohm’s laws – without the need to inject Planck’s constant into the equation ad-hoc. In the case of the photon, Einstein’s photoelectric equation is formulated as a result, with Planck’s constant(More)
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