Landong Zuo

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In the open world of the (Semantic) web, a world where increasingly diverse materials from disparate sources of different qualities are being made available, an automatic mechanism for the provision of provenance information of these sources is needed. This paper describes <b>voidp</b>, a provenance extension for the <b>void</b> vocabulary, that allows data(More)
Data stored in individual autonomous databases often needs to be combined and interrelated. For example, in the Inland Water (IW) environment monitoring domain, the spatial and temporal variation of measurements of different water quality indicators stored in different databases are of interest. Data from multiple data sources is more complex to combine(More)
Market Blended Insight (MBI) is a project with a clear objective of making a significant performance improvement in UK business to business (B2B) marketing activities in the 5-7 year timeframe. The web has created a rapid expansion of content that can be harnessed by recent advances in Semantic Web technologies and applied to both Media industry provision(More)
The objective of the Market Blended Insight (MBI) project is to develop web based techniques to improve the performance of UK Business to Business (B2B) marketing activities. The analysis of company value chains is a fundamental task within MBI because it is an important model for understanding the market place and the company interactions within it. The(More)
The trend towards ubiquitous public services is driving the deployment of large-scale, heterogeneous, distributed information services. In order to support automated information access and processing, this information is marked up using semantic metadata models represented using ontology languages such as OWL. The use of such a semantic metadata model is(More)
The Market Blended Insight project has the objective of improving the UK business to business marketing performance using the semantic web technologies. In this project, we are implementing an ontology driven web extraction and translation framework to supplement our backend triple store of UK companies, people and geographical information. It deals with(More)
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