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This article surveys supervisors’ ratings, analyzes of piece-rates and employeremployee datasets as well as other approaches used to estimate how individual productivity varies by age. The causes of productivity variations over the life cycle are addressed with an emphasis on how cognitive abilities affect labor market performance. Although wage profiles(More)
The model presented here is a neoclassical two-factor multiregional economicdemographic growth model. It is designed to assess the impacts of different • demographic futures, • labor-market scenarios, • combinations of accumulation-based and transfer-based pension systems, and • international portfolio allocation decisions on a range variables which play an(More)
The population of Japan is now declining, and the ratio of persons in the prime working ages to persons who are elderly will inexorably rise over the next halfcentury. Thirty years ago, the view was widely held that rapid population growth and the resulting young age structure would prevent developing countries from ever rising above poverty. As that view(More)
The 'global public good' (GPG) concept has gained increasing attention, in health as well as development circles. However, it has suffered in finding currency as a general tool for global resource mobilisation, and is at risk of being attached to almost anything promoting development. This overstretches and devalues the validity and usefulness of the(More)
In this paper, we analyze the robustness of an economic-demographic projection model emphasizing the macroeconomic impact of age-structured savings and consumption behavior. The parameters varied are saving and labor force participation rates (two of the key sources of uncertainty in the social security policy debate) and the parameters of the production(More)
Interim Reports on work of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis receive only limited review. Views or opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the Institute, its National Member Organizations, or other organizations supporting the work. Abstract A key source of economic growth in China has been the abundance of(More)
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H Ho ow w s sc ci ie en nc ce e c ca an n h he el lp p 2 editorial options ■ summer 2006 W hen IIASA was established in the midst of the Cold War, security was essentially a state-centered notion and self-defense against external hostilities was the mainstay of many countries' security strategy. The foundation of IIASA in 1973 was, in itself, a signal that(More)
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